#4- Guest Post by *Johnny Peepers (438 words)


Reflections on Reg

I first met Reg in elementary school. He was buck-toothed, had a sandy mop of hair, and seemed to own only one pair of blue jeans. I would later find out why they were never traded in for shorts, even in the sweltering months of late spring.

Reg fought against the world’s binding judgment, and emerged the desperate product of his father’s violent behavioral lessons with only his tear stained pillow to comfort him. He might have made it, had it not been for the latent demon creeping into his mind. Mental illness eventually emerged to snuff out his aspirations like a candle in an air-tight Tupperware container. I wanted to save him, but there is little one can do when you know a man is marked for destruction and personal failure.

Banished to the basement floor of a house, Reg was imprisoned by fear and delusion. Duck patterned wallpaper covered his room. Reg loved ducks and his parents used the wallpaper as a pacifying theme to calm Reg and remind him of a happier time and childish giggles. For Reg, the memories of childhood were ushered forth not with glee, but horror and constant fright.

The man with the strap, or switch, or clenched fist was never more than yards away. The piercing eyes and virtual omniscience could not be escaped. “I know what you been up to boy” was the verbal elixir used to usher the truth forth from Reg. He could not lie to his father, even when it meant being denied his freedom. His father would trail him in his vehicle, staying just enough back to remain unseen, but Reg always knew he was there.

Reg lived a lifetime in a matter of several years. Beset with losses of love, sanity, and a father’s pride, Reg struggled to unfetter the burdens that hurled themselves upon him.

I am sure Reg is lying strapped to a gurney, in a puke-green tiled room, swimming in a Thorazine haze and drooling on his pink Polo shirt. A man like Reg could have only existed for a snippet of time. Like Johnny from the BadCo song “Shootin’ Star”, Reg’s star was too bright and could not sustain itself indefinitely.

Reginald P. Harris emerged beaten and weathered, shown no mercy time-outs or first-downs in life’s wicked game. He became a shell of a man, defeated by tricks of the mind and cast aside like a small-time informant after the bust goes down. Reg is a man whose destiny will not be denied; nor will the memories of his achievements be lost in the never-ending ebbs and flows of time.

reflections on reg
by Johnnypeepers
(Copyright 2008)

~ by c on March 1, 2008.

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