#3 (492 words)

Daddy said he’d be right back. He went over to a little house with sheets for curtains and walked in without knocking.

She rolled her window down, leaned out. She looked up at the sky. It wasn’t hot or cold. Not smoggy. A few thin stretches of cloud slid toward the mountains. It was breezy. She grew dizzy with the feeling of it slipping over her face, in her ears, of floating up toward the sky. Two crows glided above electrical wires. She wished she were a bird.

She sat up and looked over at the door of the house. It was still closed. What was Daddy doing in there? She looked in the side mirror. She licked her lips and made them shiny with her spit. She smiled. She winked. She looked up her nose, each nostril a different kind of round. Moving a little to the left, she could see a faded red truck parked behind them down the street, other yards, a boy on roller skates. He was skating toward her. He grew bigger and bigger in the mirror, then he was there. He skated circles in front of her on the sidewalk.

“You wanna play?” he asked. He didn’t look at her. He watched his skates and kept up his circles.

“I have to wait for my dad,” she said. The boy skated away. She was sad, a soft glob in the back of her throat. She checked the house again. Nothing. She bit her fingernails, stared at the cracked dashboard. What if Daddy forgot about her? Should she go knock? The thought made her stomach flutter. Maybe honk the horn? Daddy might get mad.

She had to pee.

She wanted Mama now, to hug her tight. Then, she heard Daddy’s voice. He was walking to the car. A laughing woman followed him. The woman was tall with shiny legs. Her teeth were big, white, frightening. Big Tooths leaned into the window. Plump pieces of the her boobs curved out of her shirt.

“Hey,” Big Tooths said. “Thanks for bein a good girl.” She tried to hand her a candy bar.

She didn’t like this woman, looked away from her, crossed her arms. She loved candy and didn’t have it often, but she didn’t want this woman’s candy. Daddy said, “Don’t be rude.” She didn’t want to embarrass him. She took it but she wasn’t going to eat it.

“What do you say?” Daddy’s voice sounded like he was annoyed but trying to hide it.

She mumbled a thank you, not looking at Daddy or the woman, who said, “Bye, Benny.” Benny? She hated the way it sounded in Big Tooths’ mouth.

“Aren’t you going to eat your candy” Daddy asked, driving away.

“I don’t like that woman,” she said.

Daddy looked at her with mean eyes. “Shut up and eat it.”

She unwrapped it but didn’t take one bite. She let it melt all over her fist.

(Copyright 2008 beezies)

~ by c on February 26, 2008.

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